New Year Musings

3 min readJan 13, 2022


The turn of the year is always a good time to reflect on the past, and more importantly, set the path for the next 12 months.

A busy 2021

2021 saw THiNG.FUND get off a solid ground, with an artist selection program, jointly held by 3 top Chinese art institution and the Flow blockchain. We identified some of the most promising avant-garde Chinese artists, who later became the sponsors of the three factions in the co-creation DAO. The momentum was sustained with an equally successful drop on Starly, when the legendary pack was sold out in surprising 2 days. Many thanks to all the supporters!

When the Apocalypse co-creation was unveiled, passionate creators committed immediately. We had expected quality content contributed by members of each of the three factions, but were still amazed by the breadth and depth of your creativity, including Whity, Claymore Zed Stable and Kronos, to name just a few.

You must read the genius creations of all the contributors, whose works have been compiled in the Renascence Wiki. We also encourage all of you to contribute, with your creation, voting (details will be unveiled soon) or simply reading and leaving comments. Obviously, we are not the only one thrilled about the project and your passion. One of the best Chinese sci-fi writers, Chen Qiufan agreed.

We are happy with what was achieved over the short period of 2 months, albeit not without lessons learned. Shortly after the maindrop, we proposed the idea of building a co-creation DAO, to explain in detail why everyone, creators, fans and collectors can benefit from this DAO, not only intellectually, but financially as well. More incentives will come out soon.

A crazy 2022 ahead

As we have completed the initial scheme of the project, we will focus more on the details now, including the creator-fans co-governance DAO structure, the Contribution Points which will serve as a proxy to governance power, increasing the liquidity of creations(entities), staking and yields, creating and royalties and upgradable entities, the DAO reputation system(badge will be the first to launch) and many more. Some of them have been included in our roadmap.

In a word, we expect a much more exciting and rewarding 2022.

Join the DAO, and truly own your future

For all we have done and will do, this is a DAO. In other words, this project is not about us. It’s about you, every member of the Renascence DAO. Your participation, creating, reading and liking, staking, voting, proposing governance ideas, sitting in the auction, etc., will be crucial to the thriving of the ecosystem. Tell your friends and family about us. Participate in the DAO co-governance. Engage yourself in the value creation, discovery and addition process and benefit from your hard work, genuine commitment and connoisseur eyes.

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