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The Story of THiNG.FUND

THiNG.FUND is a crypto art and game incubator to discover artists and introduce them to the crypto world. It is backed by the China Academy of Art (CAA), holding the top position in the Chinese fine-art area.

What will we do then?

Three artists from THiNG.FUND Selective Program is bringing us the beginnings of three storylines to face the post-apocalypse:
— Interstellarist(ISP), to preserve the civilization by expanding among the stars;
— Rebuilder(R3), fight it sturdily and struggle to rebuild the past glories;
— Metascandee(MASC), dive into metaverse as an ultimate resort.

Collectors can co-create the future.

The co-creation program provides the imagination space. By holding these NFTs, collectors can join the corresponding communities. They are invited to write stories based on the background story, and then they will have the chance to be part of the next artwork. Once the story is selected by the community members who hold the NFTs, the author will have the opportunity to collaborate with the artist and share the profits from the co-creation.

Artists selected by Crypto•NextGen Frontier Artist Selection

The selection launched on July 1, 2021. The campaign looked for artworks that integrate oriental culture, cutting-edge creativity and digital creation.

About Maindrop

This fascinating collection drops on on December 2. And here is the spotlight from

This collection has a different amount of Common, Rare and Legendary cards and seven extra unique Legendary cards of just 1 edition each. From each pack, you could open three artworks created by our outstanding artists. Additionally, we only accept FLOW tokens for this drop.

The collectables of 3 factions (Legendary tier)
The collectables of 3 factions (Special edition, Legendary tier, only 1 edition each)

Guide for Maindrop

Step 1 Prepare your Blocto wallet

Step 2 Log in/Register

Step 3 Get in

Step 4 Create your account.

Step 5 Connect your wallet.

  1. Click on the ▼ button at the top-right to expand the menu.
  2. Click on Wallet.
  3. Then click Connect wallet button in the popup.

Step 6 Bind your Blocto wallet.

Step 7 Purchase your packs.

Step 8 Place your order.

Step 9 Open your pack.

The last step Enjoy the moment!



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A crypto art / game incubator backed by top tier academies.