Recently we hosted an event in our discord group. When people join the group, they are very excited about our ambition and notice the value of THiNG.FUND. As they would like to learn more about us, they will notice a significant part: membership.

Why build the membership of THiNG.FUND?

Unlike other crypto communities, we would love to give more people interested in thinking deeper and show their thoughts and communicate by art a space. Membership or badges here are an identity. For collectors, community members and fans, all have their own identities here.

We would like to build an entire ecosystem in THiNG.FUND, so we designed three kinds of badges. With that, we could better incubate our artists and also bring more liquidity for our collectors. Meanwhile, we want to encourage everyone here to discuss, communicate and think. We hope at least we can leave you all a little mark on your life journey.

What’s the meaning of membership?

As we need a very flourishing market to support the industry, the foundation determines the larger structure. So we added the material benefits on our different badges. With these badges, you could probably gain your favourite artworks or have some extra profits and perks.

We will distribute the badges in a designed way. Members commit specific tasks and will get the badge. We do value not only artists but also collectors who play a vital role in the market. With their love and support, the industry could be pushed and go further.

All in all, by holding THiNG.FUND’s membership badge NFTs in your blockchain wallet, you will become a member of THiNG.FUND club, grow with the artist and share the joy and beauty of art. At the same time, as a member, you will also get more privileges, including but not limited to obtaining airdrop gifts from artists’ works prior, obtaining THiNG.FUND limited collections or being invited to participate in offline/online events as a VIP.

The first design of these badges are:

We are lovers of art. We are the fund ‘manager’ of THiNG.FUND. Let’s own our community together, invest in crypto art, and finally appreciate the beauty of art profits.

A crypto art / game incubator backed by top tier academies.