What the Future Bring to Us,The Renascence Answered in Metaverse

The first-ever Sci-Fi series co-creation DAO

Why did we choose this theme?


Community Powers and Flow Eco Partners

People are the true power for any project, organisation, or company. For THiNG.FUND, the community also provide creative content like below:

Meetups with Pucs and the future of THiNG.FUND

After this maindrop, we held the meetup with Pucs, the founder of THiNGFUND, who brought many brilliant ideas and great resources. He created, executed and shared them with the community.

  1. How to evaluate the contents and revisions by DAO decision;
  2. How to grow the series organically with the help of collective wisdom;
  3. How to organise the relationship of creators, revisors, sponsors and anyone who get inspired by the original ideas;
  4. How to coordinate the co-creation process by the idea of tokenomics and NFTs?



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A crypto art / game incubator backed by top tier academies.