We Select Fine Artists, Great Partners Select Us

4 min readNov 15, 2021


In the last few days, a few artworks of Selective Program from THiNG.FUND has been published via our social media channels. We received lots of comments on our works. We are very glad that we have eyes for hunting GEMs just good as you. Although the crypto world is a free world, we still set a very high standard for our artists and their works. We make conversations with world-class masters to explore what’s their thoughts. This can help us to select some artists standing by not only art or beautiful angle but also having a meaning to society. We host a competition with Flow and 8 top world-class art academies to help us select talented artists.

Why do we set so high standards?

Before talking about the high standards, let’s talk about art in THiNG.FUND’s view.

“Art” in English and “art” in French are both derived from the Latin “ARS”. The original meaning of “ARS” is a method, skill and knowledge. We find that both the East and the West have a broad definition of art, which is closer to a general term for human skills. Until modern times, exactly 1824, there was a record of “L’art pour L’art” in French literature, which translated into the art of beauty.

The change of art is always accompanied by the change of society, the renewal of knowledge theory, and the progress of technology and productivity. Whether it is the eight Arts in the academic field: literature, painting, music, dance, sculpture, architecture, drama and film, or the narrow sense of visual art, behavioural art, installation art and conceptual art, they are dynamically expanding their boundaries with the evolution of civilization. Whenever new technology or new schools of thought appear, new art forms will emerge at the historic moment.

Crypto art was born in the blockchain. Since Plato’s Utopia and the ancient Roman Republic, to Montesquieu, to Satoshi Nakamoto and Vitalik, the thought of decentralization is the ultimate social form that human beings have thought and demonstrated for thousands of years. We have never benefited from technological empowerment and are approaching this form. The artworks created after thinking about this form have become a new art form different from the past.

All in all, art is not only a subject with beauty but also filled with skills, wisdom, thoughts and society’s influences. We know in the crypto art area, we have so many artworks that can reveal their thoughts and emotions. But how about the skills?

We believe we could set a high standard on skills and with a big warm welcome, embrace the edge-cutting thoughts and influences from the society. In that way, we could promote the crypto spirit better as the public who doesn’t know about the crypto area will see the fine arts which already has a very long history to learn more about this crypto world.

How do we select artists?

The first step for us is to ‘ Crypto · Next Generation’. We host this competition on July 1st, 2021 with the support from China Academy of Art, Flow official and other professional art media including art.ifeng.com. Some key points in this process which is right now revealed the process in our Twitter(https://twitter.com/thing_fund):

  1. There are 659 artworks by 211 artists participating in the competition.
  2. These NFT commemorative badges are minted on the Flow chain, permanently stored on the flow and provided by THiNG.FUND to qualified artists for free!

Our great partners

Due to our high standards and our rigorous screen process, VIV3 and Starly will cooperate with us to offer the greatest exhibition banner and the marketplace for our artworks.

As VIV3 ‘Buy, sell and discover exclusive authentic digital items. ’ The key word is EXCLUSIVE. We think they choose us for a reason. Two of the reasons are written above. We are very grateful for VIV3 supporting us with the biggest banner for our artworks. For Starly, we know this great marketplace added gamefi elements.We would also want to add these elements to our artworks. In reality, one of our physical artworks were sold for $60k to a crypto entrepreneur. We don’t want to sell artwork to one person but we would like to make more people own our artworks. So mystery pack seems to be the right way for us! Thank you again for these two partners and we believe we won’t let you down!

We believe with great partners in the Flow ecosystem and support from Flow, with our high standards for ourselves, we do great art ourselves in this crypto area. After all, since ancient times, what the word “ARS” stands for is: when you make the best of anything, it shall be ART.




A crypto art / game incubator backed by top tier academies.