Tour Guide of THiNG.FUND

THiNG.FUND is an art institution that cares for artists and pays lots of attention to the community’s harmony. We welcome all interested in crypto art or a more cutting-edge mental world expressed through artistic forms, not only the collectors and artists.

What we want to solve and what we want to achieve is a broad space to imagine. Doing things step by step deep down on the ground is our way. Here I will guide you on a tour of our land.

THiNG.FUND could be divided into three sections at least: Artist Incubator, Member with our badges and Art fans.

We have gathered great professors in the top academic area in China who can professionally guide artists and bring their rich experiences in the art industry to the crypto world. Artists could reach first-class art resources, but we would also introduce the broad crypto world to them. So we cooperated with Flow blockchain, which takes collectibles as a serious business and keeps mainstream user-friendly as a significant standard as it evolves. Soon, we will incubate and distribute more artworks in Flow ecosystem.

You could obtain the THiNG.FUND membership badges by jumping into this meaningful journey. We’ve designed three types of badges for our community: Premium Collector badge, Fine Collector badge and Community Member badge. Every kind of them will have its features and rights. You can see our official website( for the badges’ details. Also, we will design lots of play ways to distribute the badges. During each drop of our selective artworks, we will have some of our reserved fine artwork NFTs for those badge holders! In this way, we bring the art to more people and add some fun to it.

Not only in art, but we also help game developers to create fascinating games since we have over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, and we believe the game is the 9th art form after all. As a member of THiNG.FUND community, you will also have opportunities to gain perks in the games we incubated or created our partners.

So unlike shareholders to a typical company that they gain rewards calculated by the financial report, here with your badge, more privileges are on the way to surprise you!!

Chance of obtaining THiNG.FUND reserved artwork NFTs on each drop

The picture above shows that we will also list many pieces for selling on the secondary market, but you will have a chance to get our reserved allocations for free according to your badge collection.

Besides the rewards parts, badges will also need some of your efforts to strengthen our community, and we will announce some events in the following days.

We also prepared some souvenirs for someone who would love to admire the works in our community, which is the Amator Artis. We hope you would love to have an excellent tour of our community.

All of these sectors are only our first step! Establishing a space with freedom, decentralization, borderless world to show what we think artistically is always the goal we are chasing.

A crypto art / game incubator backed by top tier academies.