THiNG.FUND Jan- Oct Recap

5 min readOct 17, 2022

Hey, what’s up? It’s almost a year since we started. Over the last year, we have made much progress on the fronts of technology, community governance, events & marketing, and on-chain. Here is everything you need to know about where we started and we are now.


We started with the NFT sale on Starly( and remains one of the top-grossing collections of all time there) last year and soon launched the Renas, the first Apocalypse-themed co-creating GameFi on Flow. Since then, the Renas has seen multiple iterations (sometimes as quick as one iteration/week).

Currently, we are at Alpha Version 0.5.16, where players can freely create up to 3 characters(slots expandable with in-game currency $CP), keep them or expel them, assemble a squad for adventure and win in-game props that can be converted into real-world USDT.

In addition to the main thread of the game, players can explore many side-plays, often with a lot of fun. Characters have different combinations of attributes that endow them with different skills and higher or lower probabilities of surviving and thriving in adventures. Players can randomly generate a new character in a dice-rolling way, or hunt for treasure in the wilds. The varied in-game props offer a whole universe of different functions, from daily bread to the more tasteful Focaccia Bread to a special potion that does help characters to recover quicker, and the Emerald pendant which is a joint-branded special prop in the Renas.

The log function generates a complete thrilling story based on the happenings in an adventure. Players can simply read it for fun, or to find clues about how to improve their performance in future adventures to gain an edge over their fellow survivors.

But this just scraps the very surface of the tip of an iceberg. Hidden under includes players co-creating plots for adventures, replaceable and upgradable scenarios based on players’ co-creation, the leaderboard system, and many more. Over time, as the Renas becomes more fully-fledged, there will be more token incentivizing so that players can truly create to earn.

Community Governance

For any Web3 projects, the community always takes the very central position. It’s more the case for us, as we cherish the community’s input very near and dear. Currently, we have attracted a community of 6000+ active members (including those following us on Twitter and Discord), actively participating in the in-game fun and the overall community governance at THiNG.FUND(the project where the Renas is the first of a series of utilities it tries to build). Since Day1, we have prided ourselves as being a DAO, and involved community members in determining from the very basics to the bigger direction the Renas will go. Indeed, the community gave us a lot of useful suggestions that were later inserted into new iterations.

As THiNG.FUND continues to grow, we thought it would be a good time to invite some of the most avid and active members to participate in formal decision-making. Depending on users’ application, combined with an overall assessment of their contribution and proposal, we assembled a group of Patres, initially composed of 3 or 4 most engaged members, with advantages in different areas. For example, Guagua is a gaming veteran and crypto enthusiast, with years of experience playing with crypto and extensive engagement in multiple Web3 GameFis. He gave us a lot of valuable suggestions on the game itself. but also wrote numerous articles introducing the Renas game and token mechanism from the perspective of a seasoned player. His articles are well-written and received a lot of “yo-ho” from the community.

Event & Marketing

One of the best parts of the Renas game is its routine events that allow players to earn real USDT and FLOW token.

Community Co-creating:

Once a month. Players are invited to submit stories to match a themed picture. They can submit a normal version, or an eerie version to reflect the apocalyptic nature of the game. Winners are rewarded with tokens and in-game props, and a partial right to be the beneficiary owner of the said adventure, in addition to naming rights. In other words, when in the future the Renas’ economics is more mature, players will be paid by other players because they have conducted an adventure on the former’s map. Like a Monopoly Game. The earlier you secure in-game assets, the more you will benefit in the future.


Rotating every fortnight. Players send their characters on adventures. Depending on how many adventures they have taken, their ranking in the leaderboard will go up and down. At the end of each cycle, those having a high number of adventures will share in the token awards, plus in-game props and other hidden gifts that vary every time the leaderboard is refreshed.

Korean Blockchain Week:

One of the biggest events for the crypto APAC for the year is the KBW. With 3000 attendees from in and out of Korea, the KBW is undoubtedly a prime occasion for any crypto brand wanting to promote itself. A sponsor in one of the side events co-hosted with the famous news agency PANONY, THiNG.FUND made its debut to hundreds of attentive audiences. Our following also saw a big jump on or around KBW.


To celebrate the first international NFTDAY (proposed by Dapper Labs on the day when NFT was first proposed by Dapper Labs’ CTO), Flow and Lululand jointly hosted a Metaverse event in the Sandbox where the poster of THiNG.FUND attracted swathes of users taking photos with them standing in front or by the side. Some posted the photo on their social network. We see this as an excellent community-oriented activity that shows the traction of THiNG.FUND and the Renas. Pucs, Founder of THiNG.FUND also appeared as a guest speaker in a panel to talk about how the Renas will become a tooling layer for Web3 games wanting to have embedded NFT support.

Incubated projects

In addition to developing the Renas GameFi and Metaverse tooling, THiNG.FUND also incubates other promising gaming projects, including, among others, The Fusionist. It is a space-themed GameFi developed by seasoned gaming developers, marketing experts, and operational and publishing veterans with Web2 AAA-game experience. As the name suggests, the Fusionist is promised to be a game of the future, developed by the fusionists.


Born into the Flow ecosystem, we have designed everything in the Renas game to be NFTs on the Flow blockchain. In other words, players own their characters, in-game props, adventure maps, and experiences on the whole. As we finish the integration with Flow blockchain, everything on-chain will become readily transferrable.

Again, we are just touching the surface of what’s promised to be a giant ecosystem integrating NFTs, GameFi, Creator’s economy, Metaverse, blockchain technology, and tokenomics. Our goal is to build an underlying layer for all Web3 IP projects so that they can be spared the trouble of reinventing the wheel while enjoying a fully validated experience of composability and co-creating by a dynamic community.

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Most importantly, create your first characters in the Renas and try it out yourself!




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