THiNG.FUND, a crypto art incubator backed by the top tier art academy.

THiNG.FUND is at the intersection of the traditional world and the crypto universe. It is backed by the China Academy of Art(CAA), which holds the top position in the Chinese fine-art area.

Because of the solidification of social class and the information bias, many talented and insightful artists have not received the prestige and rewards they deserve from the traditional world.

The mission of THiNG.FUND is to discover and incubate these artists. We have assembled many art professors who are highly prestigious in the academic world in a DAO firm to select works with artistic attainments and depth of thought, which might potentially leave a strong mark in art history.

On July 1st, 2021, we launched the Crypto-NextGen Frontier Artist Selection and incubation plan with China Academy of Art, China Art Weekly, iFeng Art and Flow blockchain. This campaign is open to the young teachers, students, alumni from all art academies in China. The topic we’ve given in this campaign is: when algorithms and cryptography gradually become the foundation of human society, how will our future lives be affected as virtual and physical worlds blend?

The selection campaign successfully drew lots of awareness from the art and academic circle. More than 300 artists and artist groups participated in this event and submitted over 700 pieces of their fantastic works. After a preliminary screening, we listed 211 shortlisted artists with their artworks and opened public voting. Turns out it went viral and eventually got a total of 780k visits and 150k votes.

As the forerunner of humanity, artists usually stand at the frontier of our society, using their fine technique to form the future or imagination, which will eventually enlighten us somehow. We are delighted to see those avant-garde artists realizing the trends of decentralization and presenting the concept via their works. And they have also influenced many people to perceive the future of crypto and cyberspace.

Crypto art was born from the blockchain, and the blockchain is solving social problems, the trust and power distribution problems that have existed since ancient times. Decentralization is the ultimate form of society that humans have demonstrated for thousands of years since Plato’s Utopia and the Ancient Roman Republic, to Montesquieu, then Satoshi Nakamoto and Vitalik Buterin. We have never been so approached to this situation before the blockchain, thanks to technological empowerment. After thinking about this form, the artworks may become a new art form different from the past.

That is what we are doing, we explore the future of next-generation art by introducing the concept of decentralization to our incubating artists, and helping them embrace the crypto space, to create more innovative and museful crypto artworks.

We also believe that everyone is entitled to enjoy and collect artwork. The concept of decentralization provides people with equal and transparent opportunities to appreciate and invest in art. And the paradigm-shifting of art is happening right now. With the power of NFT, art is no longer a luxury to the public. Compared with traditional media, crypto art lowers the difficulties for disseminating ideas, flatten the relationship between artists and fans. Anyone could be a Medici to a future Leonardo da Vinci by joining the community and helping the promising artist grow.

This November 25th(on Thanksgiving day), we will drop our first incubated artworks created by the winners. We look forward to having you join us!

A crypto art / game incubator backed by top tier academies.

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A crypto art / game incubator backed by top tier academies.

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