The Renascence won’t stop at content innovation

A DAO and Why DAO?

With the vast growth of the DeFi and NFT communities, it is impossible to ignore the topic: managing decentralised protocols becomes more critical. Also, there is a challenge in autonomously inspiring the community potential.

The Renascence — Co-creating DAO

Traditional IP business already makes you loaded.

Of the $100 billion business empire of the world’s most profitable IP, Pokemon, $76 billion comes from licensed derivatives, ranging from games to collectable cards, books to CDs, toys, apparel, plus peripheral retail outlets, and even a Pokemon-themed jet plane.

  1. Can we, as one of the general public, with our hobbies and tastes, be a part of an excellent IP, or capture the value and share the cake?
  2. Are there clear rules in this industry for talented and free-minded persons to create and be recognised by the public?
  3. Is there a clear entrance for us to discover those hidden golden mines, especially those with sharp eyes?

Co-creation is not a new concept, but Co-creating + DAO would be valuable.

Co-creation is not a new concept in the traditional gaming industry. Players would love to know more about the story background, which could have a deep emotional connection. This year, at Tencent Games annual conference, Arena of Valor announced the IP Co-creation Plan to create a multiform and youthful IP matrix. The plan includes professional, industrial, and user co-creation to provide players with a more elaborate and worthy world for Arena of Valor. Arena of Valor is a hot trending game, and they took this way to expand the market and create more value from its player community.

How can everyone’s contribution be reflected?

At The Renascence Co-creation DAO, we’ve designed a contribution system to evaluate your contributing behaviours and the value of your creations. We can break down an IP series into atomic entities with this system. Each entity has its valuation, popularity, hierarchy structure, ownerships, etc., which could be easy to compose with others or inspire other creators.



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