The Renascence Main Drop and Guide on

The Story of THiNG.FUND

What will we do then?

Collectors can co-create the future.

Artists selected by Crypto•NextGen Frontier Artist Selection

About Maindrop

This fascinating collection drops on on December 2. And here is the spotlight from

The collectables of 3 factions (Legendary tier)
The collectables of 3 factions (Special edition, Legendary tier, only 1 edition each)

Guide for Maindrop

Step 1 Prepare your Blocto wallet

Step 2 Log in/Register

Step 3 Get in

Step 4 Create your account.

Step 5 Connect your wallet.

  1. Click on the ▼ button at the top-right to expand the menu.
  2. Click on Wallet.
  3. Then click Connect wallet button in the popup.

Step 6 Bind your Blocto wallet.

Step 7 Purchase your packs.

Step 8 Place your order.

Step 9 Open your pack.

The last step Enjoy the moment!

A crypto art / game incubator backed by top tier academies.

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A crypto art / game incubator backed by top tier academies.

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