Reasons for choosing THiNG.FUND Selective Program

When we mention the art industry, sometimes people have to admit that it’s hard to find a way forward no matter who you are in the art industry. Finding more people to resonate with artwork or trigger reflection and discussion in society is tricky for the artist. Besides, artists need financial support or market value for their creations. For people who love arts, how to get involved deeper in this area not only appreciating them is also a difficulty. Even more, finding an easier and fairer way to invest your favourite artists like Medici invests Leonardo da Vinci is a tricky problem.

Here, we launch THiNG.FUND Selective Program.

What is THiNG.FUND Selective Program?

In a macro way, collecting digital art is the general trend for the future. Although there are many arguments between digital art and traditional art, the digital future is coming.

Nowadays, digital art is a more decentralized status. It’s fairer for everyone to have chances to show their creations or list their works in the market and earn the public attention or money. But freedom or borderless is not absolutely correct. We could see lots of copies of abused others’ artworks or pictures with inferior quality. Beauty is hard to define; however, professionalism and adeptness can be measured in some way. Human beings still chase after the beauty, good quality, and meaning of our life.

THiNG.FUND would like to be the bond between digital art and traditional one. We bring goodness from both sides together like the new way to create, making the art piece flow on the screen or exist in the extended art history, which will surely be a treasure for humanity.

Compared with physical artwork, digital art has many advantages with a growing trend. We are relying on the quality and advantages accumulated by THiNG.FUND in professional and academic networks. THiNG.FUND Selective Program will help our dear community members to select a group of avant-garde artists with the highest professional level and produce their artworks’ NFTs. Firstly, we will start with the artist winners from a competition co-host with Flow and China’s most famous art academies.

We will launch different series of themes to reveal the thoughts or discussions from the modern world. We want to help the community find the new GEM artists, and we would love to help artists lower the entrance to the crypto world. Programmable art(including algorithm art), conceptual art, and traditional art are all means to express artists’ ideas. While pursuing cutting-edge exploration, the THiNG.FUND Selective Program aims to launch extraordinary creations with skillful techniques, fantastic imaginations, and the cutting edge minds behind them. We’re sure they can occupy a place in the discussion and inspire crypto art collectors over the long haul.

What Selective Program will bring us?

  • A mark on artwork.

‘Contract’ your favourite artworks to support your favourite artists. After purchasing the artist’s work, you could keep your address or designated signature in the metadata of the acknowledgement list/sponsor when the following artwork is minted.

For example, collector A has purchased work #1 of artist B, and when the next artwork #2 is minted, the address or signature of collector A will be in #2’s NFT metadata. It will also be displayed as ‘This artwork is created due to the support of Collector A’.

  • Artist’s crossover joint prop airdrops in games

In addition to its profound accumulation in the art field, THiNG.FUND also has more than 20 years of experience in the gaming industry. The founder is also a producer and consultant of many famous games. For different games collaborated with THiNG.FUND, some artists will be selected to customize the joint props NFT for games. Collectors holding these artworks will be able to obtain such airdrops in the game. THiNG.FUND will successively announce games supporting such a crossover airdrop based on the development of the games.

  • High quality and original creations to collect

NFT can help solve the problem of copyright confirmation. But how to prove the NFT before on-chain is yours? Like many traceability problems with blockchain technology, there are also some NFT legal issues.

THiNG.FUND will help solve all the off-chain issues through formal legal procedures to give our collectors the breathtaking original artwork with clear copyright.

One last question might be from our readers: when could we see the artwork among THiNG.FUND Selective Program?

Just expect this month! Let’s join the visual feast and find your own Leonardo da Vinci in THiNG.FUND!

#onFLOWNYC is a very hot hashtag in twitter today! For those fellows who cannot go to this city to see THiNG.FUND Selective artworks in person. Here we go:

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