Not only Material Evolution, but more Humanity, The Renascence

No matter which world we are in, the speed of development is so fast. In the crypto area, many new creative ideas and projects pump out. Also, in reality, we can hardly imagine that the society in the office environment is close to paperless ten years ago. The recent things speed up via internet and technology. People stay at home and do business with the whole world using only a laptop. We want people to find a spot in the fast-speed world, which is a world with imagination. Maybe we could call it Sci-fi.

Although we did not formally put the term “Sci-fi” forward until the 20th century, the same concept existed already in history. As early as the 2nd century, the ancient Greek novel True Story is considered the first science fiction, already written about interstellar travel, alien life, interstellar colonization and war, artificial life, etc. And the first science fiction film, Journey to the Moon, was on theatre in 1902.

Imagination promotes the development of science and technology. American “technology maniac” Elon Musk admits that classic science fiction inspires him to explore unknown areas.

But Sci-fi does more than that. Excellent Sci-fi focuses on humanity. That’s the main reason why we choose Oriental Sci-fi as our first theme of the Selective program.

Why Oriental Sci-fi?

Oriental Sci-fi is a very new word. With The Three-body Problem, the famous one, that’s when we brought oriental Sci-fi into the public eyes from our personal view. Oriental culture is more like making humans and nature into a harmonious state like the concept of yin and yang. With the influence of oriental culture, there is a unique way to tell stories instead of fighting against something or being a superhero to save the world. We found oriental sci-fi would reveal more about making everything get together or finding a way out according to the current situation. The concept expressed under this theme makes the content more hierarchical, just like many things are not black or white, but there are many angles and dialectical views.

Sometimes, Oriental sci-fi prefers to say more about humanity and the philosophical thought of the unity of nature and man instead of one world saver. The western and oriental are just two ways to tell the story no matter what kind of sci-fi is, humanity is the topic that THiNGFUND likes the most.

In August 2015, The Three-body Problem won the Hugo Award and was translated into more than ten languages such as English, French, German, and Spanish. Oriental Sci-fi successfully broke the ice. The series was highly praised by Barack Obama and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

New Yorker magazine analyzed why the Three-body Problem from China can attract American readers so much. The reason is that the story itself has a new definition of the universe system and a unique perspective on the world’s future development. The most important thing is that this novel gives Americans who have long been tired of all kinds of “American” science fiction a strong sense of freshness. When the story no longer takes place in the heroic epic or during the war between interstellar, American readers feel the freshness and different thoughts on the other side of the reality. “The Three-body Problem” broke through the traditional “science fiction monopoly” and brought an extraordinary cosmic cultural impact to the world.

The New York Times comments on The Three-body Problem: The essence of the science fiction genre is to use people’s uncertainty about the future to stimulate people’s curiosity and imagination about all unknown things. Especially for readers in rapidly changing and rapidly developing China resonate with the story plot and the protagonist’s ideological changes. After a long period of silence, Oriental science fiction once again awakened people’s vision and infinite reverie of the future world.

Selective Program First Main Drop

THiNG.FUND will host the public sale for the first time on December 2nd. We appreciate you for taking time in the busy world to enjoy the artworks and stay a while to think about our future.

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We name this series The Renascence, a series of creations that peeks into the future that combines multiple possibilities. The first batch of artists behind these astonishing artworks are 3 out of 300+ candidates from the Crypto · NextGen Frontier Artist Selection co-hosted by CAA, iFeng Art, China Art Weekly, and Flow blockchain. One of them is the appointed artist of The Three-body Problem and The Wandering Earth. The other two rising artists will also express their ideology in the different two storylines. Wandering in space, retreating into cyberspace or fighting for reviving the civilization on the earth after our homeworld was heavily damaged, which one would be your choice? Please join us, and see what these storylines would give us!

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