Introducing the Renas Co-creating Infinite Game

3 min readMar 2, 2022


This article is part 1 of the two-part series introducing the Renas co-creating infinite game that THiNG.FUND developed. Hope you can be the hero you want to see in the Sci-fi-themed Co-creating Game!

As the first utility of THiNG.FUND The Renascence NFTs, the Renas text adventure game has started to invite its Amator Artis, faction members, Artist, and lucky WL winners from AMA in a pre-alpha testing. Bringing his 18 plus year of success experience developing board games into the Renas, William Pucs, THiNG.FUND’s founder, said the game is guaranteed to be fun.

But there is more, thanks to the emergence of NFT and the Flow blockchain. Deployed on the most scalable blockchain that offers embedded composability, the Renas game will allow people to represent themselves in the Web3 world with not just an avatar. At the current iteration, users can upload an image file and add background stories to make the character their imagined self.

You can be an ex-pirate on land who never saw the ocean, but was relieved due to the Apocalypse.

Character credit to Dudumes, the portrait is created by Kronos

You are a helmet whose interest is in meditation. But to those who once served in the Imperial Army, you are Lieutenant Mehmet whom they followed without question and trusted without reservation.

Character bio credit to Claymore, portrait by arturiorich

Or you just thought it would be fun to be represented as a lamb who loves drinking milk tea.

Character credit to amie chen

But please be careful not to step on other people’s IP, unless you want to get yourself into trouble.

On top of the avatar and the background story, there are other properties of your Web3 me. Might determines your muscle strength, bone density, skin toughness, stamina, and power. Agility concerns your physical coordination, neural responsiveness, and metabolic rate, whereas spirit limits your perception, mind, willpower, and level of manipulation of supernatural powers, etc. When you randomly generate a character, all of the numbers and properties will be randomized. In the future, we will allow users to propose and vote on what additional properties to add. After all, sometimes we do have non-human companions.

Trio of Rebuilders Credit to Kronos

Having a character is just the first step of the Renas adventure game. More will be revealed in our next article. Stay tuned!

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