THiNG.FUND: Community Call Recap

3 min readDec 2, 2022


During the last Community Call, William Pucs, Founder of THiNG.FUND provided the community with the latest updates about the Renas co-creating game. Below is a summary of the important updates, enjoy:


  • How to access: log in to The Renas -> click the profile icon at the top right 👤 -> Referrals.
  • Share your invite link with others. When your invitees complete certain quests, you will earn $CP or in-game props.


Users who have attended previous Renas Adventure Co-creation will automatically be whitelisted. But you can also apply for a whitelist, by simply giving a brief self-introduction. Whitelisted users have privileged access to testing out the Renas 「Editor 」in the Renas Staging. So, what are the features you can manipulate in the 「Editor 」?

  • Features: attributes specific to the in-game characters, including your species, ethnicity, faction, gender, etc.
  • Items: all the items in the game are edited via the 「Editor 」.
  • Facility Editor: by editing the facilities, you will see changes to the 「Campsite」- 「Facilities」.

Next up, whitelisted users will preemptively experience the 「Encounter Editor」and 「Adventure Editor」.

  • As is shown in the chart below, during every adventure, survivors will encounter different events, defined as independent Encounters. Encounters determine via which gate the survivors will enter and what they will see. What kind of danger they might put themselves in and what might be the results and loot coming out of this encounter? Such variation and upgradability make encounters unique and form a world on their own. We are still honing more details about the Encounters function, which in other words, promises a more splendid experience.

Adventure Editor: in the Adventure Map, there are certain quantitative requirements that the survivors must meet to unveil an adventure. In the Adventure Editor, you can configure the size of a squad, the number of qualified survivors and possible loot, etc. You can also create a complete background story for an adventure.

We look forward to more futuristic fantasies from your editing!


  • We started to discuss migrating the Renas on-chain in September and have been working towards this goal. Currently, $CP can be deposited. However, we chose to temporarily hide this function in the Staging as we hope to make The Renas a game where all users can find fun for themselves while enjoying the maximum benefit from it. The thing we want the least is to have all the perks grabbed by the wrong hands. After all, we want all the creators to make the best of the creator economics we create in the game.

Anything else worth looking forward to?

  • In addition to all the functions mentioned above, our developers are earnestly working on survivors’ battle mode, which will allow players to enter into combat against each other and winners get $CP awards. We will publish more details as we have more development updates.

That concludes the major announcements from the last Community Call. Stay tuned to The Renas and its incubated Fusionist Game. If you have any questions, feel free to raise them in Discord.




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