Community Call #3: Updates on the Renas & Fusionist & Hiring

6 min readAug 26, 2022


On August 21, William Pucs, founder of THiNG.FUND, sat down with the community for the #3 Episode of the AMA Series. He introduced updates on the Renas, e.g. On-chain & Fungible Token, as well as the Fusionist, an AAA-GameFi. Towards the end, he revealed our plans to hire more people. Below is a recap. Hope you find it entertaining and informative. Enjoy:

Quick update on the Renas:

We will start the second round of community co-creation soon. For this round, we have specially invited a Brazilian photographer who will provide some of his photography works as materials for creation.

Players participating in the co-creation will receive, in addition to NFTs and $FLOW token awards, their proportional ownership shares of the corresponding map.

I know many of our players have already staked your $CP on some of the adventure maps and have some questions. I will cover all of them later on.

So adventures already exist. However, the current gameplay is just the first step towards a larger scheme, with the upcoming battle feature to be launched soon. After the battle is available, players will find their characters possibly attacked during adventures. They might encounter a trap or trigger some special events. Your main attributes(Might, Agility and Spirit) may be harmed during an attack. For example, you may suffer from losing the spirit score when you are under an occult attack. Cold and fire attacks will hurt your agility score. So different from any other games, in the Renas, you have three types of hit points, as represented by the three scores at the top of your character sheet. What’s more, the second line of scores will also become handy. To be more specific, those three protection scores are against three different types of attack: Toughness against physical attacks, Endurance against erosive attacks and Resistance against occult attacks.

A special note to the players who already have the football helmet and gas mask, you have a very good advantage in an attack, as these props will provide you with very good protection.

When a character is attacked several times and one of their main attributes drops to 0, they will then be forced out of the adventure.

Of course, in the future, we will launch more facilities to help improve your recovery speed. We expect to launch the first facility with such features during the next iteration and are currently working on debugging. It will shorten your recovery time by 30 minutes.

Next up, I would like to talk about staking and start with a brief overview of the staking mechanism.

Staking happens across epochs. But you only submit requests during Epoch 1 and will not receive your staking yields until the end of the 2nd Epoch. Every Epoch lasts 24 hours and yields will be distributed proportionally.

Let me give you a simple example.

Say during one epoch, there are two maps, and each has 5 visits by the players. As the staking reward/epoch is $30 CP. Each map will receive $15 CP. Depending on how much you have staked on a map, you will receive a proportional amount of $CPs in line with how much your staking accounts for the total staked $CPs.


We are ahead of schedule in on-chain development. Users can log in with their Discord account and as long as you have tied it with your Emerald ID, we will automatically get your Flow wallet address. Otherwise, you can go to our Discord channel for step-by-step guides.

As we are working on on-chain migration, we simultaneously work on tokenization, starting with tokenization in the Renas. In other words, players will soon be able to deposit into and withdraw from the Renas. We will also open two-way convertibility between $CPa and $CP in the Renas, which will make $CPa an actual fungible token.

This is accompanied by product considerations. In other words, as $CP becomes more monetary, players will no longer have the 30 free $CPs the first time they are registered to the Renas or every time after a product iteration. Instead, your on-chain activities, and especially staking, for now, will determine your $CPs in the game.

Between staking and unstaking, there’s an in-between state. In other words, if you have submitted a staking request, your $CPs will not go into the pool immediately. That same is true for unstaking. What’s more, if you re-stake unstaked $CPs before they are returned to your account, these $CPs, as long as they do not exceed the previously unstaked amount, will immediately go back to the pool.

As was mentioned before, we are working on migration to the Flow Mainnet, and support NFT verification thereafter. After verifications become a reality, all the holders of our membership badge and NFTs on Starly will be airdropped with a proportional amount of $CPs. What’s more, we are considering adding NFT ownership to governance. In other words, your NFT holdings will be part of the formula to calculate your weighting in the Renas governance. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in one day. Everything will be delivered step by step, starting with deployment to the Flow Mainnet.


Fusionist is a THiNG.FUND incubated AAA-level GameFi developed by Ex-developers from renowned game studios.

They have designed a number of industrial-grade renderings based on real-world inspiration. But beyond rendering, they managed to make the structures consistent with the real-world scale, so that they fit on different models while guaranteeing user experience. Many people, including those who watch live at the Korean Blockchain Week, wondered how the team had managed to achieve that, calling it “fabulously magical”. The answer is they used Unity but rewrote the rendering pipeline to create extraordinary visual effects.


  1. Will there be chances for me to forge premium badges with existing ones?

A: Yes. After we are migrated to the Flow Mainnet, we will open the window for forging premium THiNG.FUND badges.

Call for action:

As was mentioned previously, we are migrating to the Flow Mainnet soon and by that time $CP will become fungible tokens. So we will launch several incentivized campaigns to attract more players. As more people join, we will need more community moderators to help guide the new members and keep them active. We will offer $CP tokens, NFTs, and other incentives for your work. So, if you are interested, join us NOW!!

Reach us via Discord or drop us a message on Twitter.




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