Co-creating in The Renascence DAO

  • A creation should be evaluated according to its popularity and quality.
  • The creators should be rewarded based on two factors: the value of the creations and the proportion of the creators.
  • The eligible members should have the ability to govern the contents and share the rewards for their behaviours, such as proofreading, translating and decision making.
  • Bio info
  • Personality
  • Backgrounds
  • Skillsets & professions
  • Stories and tales
  • Personal timeline
  • more info…
  • A wiki-based co-creation database. This highly customised Wiki is a solution for the co-creating process at the current stage. It stores all the creations, revisions and their ownership and copyrights. We will also look for a more decentralised solution in the future.
  • We will progressively practise the co-creating process to find a feasible mechanism for the co-creating DAO. It will contain creating, collaborating, revising, rewarding, voting, evaluating, staking, distributing and other sub-mechanics to serve this DAO better.



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